Wayne's other restoration projects
Even though restoring a Jiger is the most important project of mine, restoration is something that I have always loved. As far a recreational vehicles, here are some other standing projects that I am enjoying.

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In 2001 I was riding in the Manitoba Sandy Lands with my friend Gil using his 1974 Suzuki TS-125. The Suzuki was on it's last legs. The compression was almost gone, the kick start was gone, the shifter kept falling off, the clutch cable was seized and the clutch was done. When Gil gave it to me I thought I would just get it running to bomb around. But little by little over the past 4 years I've been replacing it all. It's been fun and it has provided me some great rides. A quick tally: I've redone the top end of the motor, points and condenser, clutch fibres, clutch pins, clutch cable, carburetor rebuild, new lower engine case seals, new fenders, new rear shocks, new paint job, custom wiring harness, new headlight, and a new seat. It's been a great ride but I sold this unit in 2006.

Before I was even born my Dad purchased this TRYCAT three wheeler from St Jean Enterprises, a local Manitoba manufacturer. It much resembled the Sperry Rand Tri Cart. It ran on a Briggs & Stratton 8hp  engine with a belt drive. Being in the Red River Valley flood plain, this unit has seen alot of natural disaster damage and requires lots of work. After a complete teardown I had the frame sandblasted and painted. I removed the rear differential, cleaned it up, replaced all the worn sprockets and the chain. I have the original 8hp briggs and a few donor engines thanks to some trips to the local dump. The body will need extensive work and I am still missing the dash, windshield, seat, and handle bars. Stay tuned to see how this one turns out. If you have one of these please contact me.